The Greater Nashua Regional Coordination Council for Community Transportation (RCC7)
works to provide improved, cost effective, coordinated transportation services to those who need it, including persons with disabilities, the elderly, veterans, and individuals with lower incomes. 

The RCC normally meets monthly on the 4th Thursday at 10:00am. Greater Nashua Transportation & Mobility Guide cover
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Nashua RCC Members
The Nashua Regional Planning Commission provides administrative and staffing support to the Nashua RCC whose membership is also represented by the following organizations:

Planning Activities
The RCCs work to develop information that is helpful to transportation service users, to identify opportunities for coordination between service providers, to advocate for improved service availability and innovative strategies to meet current needs, to identify alternative funding sources, and to advise the SCC as to the state of coordination in the region.

RCC tile-1 - CopyThe recent focus for the Nashua RCC has been on strategizing about how to strengthen membership and the community’s awareness of the council, and on assisting the NRPC planning staff with an update to the Locally Coordinated Transportation Plan. Recent and ongoing work includes:

  • NRPC continues to serve as the lead agency for Nashua RCC in securing federal funding through the NH Department of Transportation.
  • The Nashua RCC continues to support the Souhegan Valley Transportation Collaborative (SVTC) in their request for 5310 Purchase of Services and Formula funds. SVTC uses these funds to purchase demand response paratransit service from the Nashua Transit System (NTS) and provide mobility management and planning assistance to its passengers and member communities
  • In lieu of a centralized system, informal coordination of services continues between council members and with area human service providers
  • The Nashua RCC Transportation Directory was updated and posted on the NRPC website. Any suggestions for corrections, updates and new services to include would be greatly appreciated - contact Donna Marceau, (603) 417-6570 ext. 6571.
  • The Nashua RCC continues to receive requests for transportation related to educational pursuits, job training and work related needs. These requests support the need for further development of community transportation in our region.
  • The Nashua RCC will be looking at ways to improve service delivery and coordination.
  • The Locally Coordinated Transportation Plan was updated in 2020. The goal was to identify where progress had been made and adjust goals and objectives to reflect current conditions and anticipated funding levels. 
  • The Nashua RCC continues to monitor statewide activities through regular attendance at SCC meetings.scc_mobility_mgr_blueprint_Page_01
The New Hampshire State Legislature created the State Coordinating Council for Community Transportation (SCC) in 2007 to foster and guide the coordination of community transportation on the regional level. The Nashua Regional Planning Commission (NRPC) initiated development of the Nashua RCC based on recommendations from the 2006 Locally Coordinated Transportation Plan. In January 2007, a committee of stakeholders from across the region was formed to guide the RCC development process. Bylaws, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), a work plan, and a member list were developed, and in 2008 the SCC officially recognized the committee as the Nashua RCC, the first group to be recognized in the state.

Now, New Hampshire is divided into nine Community Transportation Regions. Each region has an associated Regional Coordination Council (RCC), which is composed of local transportation providers, human service agencies, funding agencies and organizations, consumers, and regional planning commission staff.