Transportation Technical Advisory Committee

The NRPC Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (TTAC) is charged under the NH Department of Transportation planning process to provide the commission with technical guidance regarding transportation policy and projects in the region. The committee ensures that NRPC decisions are consistent with community goals and objectives, incorporate sound planning principles, and are open and accessible to input from the general public.

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Amherst Eric Slosek | Nic Strong (a)
Brookline Scott Butcher | Mike Wenrich (a)
Hollis Joan Cudworth
Hudson Elvis Dhima (a) | Brian Groth
Litchfield Kevin Brown, Kim Kleiner (a)
Lyndeborough Mark Chamberlain
Mason Dave Morrison
Merrimack Paul Micali (a) | Tim Thompson (a) | Dawn Tuomala
Milford Lincoln Daley (a) | Terrey Dolan | Nicole Crawford
Mont Vernon Ben Crosby
Nashua Sam Durfee (a) | Dan Hudson | Wayne Husband | Peter Kohalmi (a) | Matt Sullivan
Nashua Transit System Camille Correa | John Savage (a)
Pelham Jennifer Beauregard | Kerry Karalekas
Wilton Nick Germain
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Leigh Levine
Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Leigh Sirmin
NH Dept. of Environmental Services (NH DES) Becky Ohler | Tim White
NH Dept. of Transportation (NH DOT) William Rose | Lucy St. John | Linda Wescott