Greater Nashua Regional Coordination Council for Community Transportation (RCC7)

New RCC LogoThe Greater Nashua Regional Coordination Council for Community Transportation (RCC7) works to provide improved, cost effective, coordinated transportation services to those who need it, including persons with disabilities, the elderly, veterans, and individuals with lower incomes.

Region 7 Mobility Manager: Donna Marceau, (603) 417-6571 
Contact Donna with any requests for transportation assistance or to learn more.

RCC7 normally meets monthly at 10:00am on the 4th Tuesday at NRPC. Meetings are held in-person with an option to join via Zoom. Click here to view agendas and minutes from past or upcoming meetings. 

Community Transportation Service Provider Lookup Tool - click on the image to access the interactive dashboard that allows users to look up community transportation service providers in the Greater Nashua region.
Service information provided in the interactive dashboard is based on the RCC7 2023 Community Transportation Directory which can be printed or downloaded.

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Greater Nashua Transportation & Mobility Guide - click to open this brochure with a simplified community transportation directory.

Locally Coordinated Transportation Plan for the Greater Nashua & Milford Region - Adopted: April 15, 2020

Mobility Management:
The State of New Hampshire has created a Mobility Management Network that is intended to be a collaborative partnership between SCC, the RCC’s, NHDOT, other state agencies/commissions and the mobility managers. 
Vision: New Hampshire envisions an integrated system of safe, reliable, and sustainable transportation options that allow residents to maintain independence and participate in work and community life no matter their age or ability.
Mission: The mission of the New Hampshire Mobility Management Network is to improve the coordination, capacity, accessibility, quality, and sustainability of mobility services statewide. 

For more information see the New Hampshire Statewide Mobility Management Network: A Blueprint for Implementation

The New Hampshire State Legislature created the State Coordinating Council for Community Transportation (SCC) in 2007 to foster and guide the coordination of community transportation on the regional level. The Nashua Regional Planning Commission (NRPC) initiated development of the Nashua RCC based on recommendations from the 2006 Locally Coordinated Transportation Plan. In January 2007, a committee of stakeholders from across the region was formed to guide the RCC development process. Bylaws, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), a work plan, and a member list were developed, and in 2008, the SCC officially recognized the committee as the Nashua RCC, the first group to be recognized in the state.

Now, New Hampshire is divided into nine Community Transportation Regions. Each region has an associated Regional Coordination Council (RCC), which is composed of local transportation providers, human service agencies, funding agencies and organizations, consumers, and regional planning commission staff.

The RCCs work to develop information that is helpful to transportation service users, to identify opportunities for coordination between service providers, to advocate for improved service availability and innovative strategies to meet current needs, to identify alternative funding sources, and to advise the SCC as to the state of coordination in the region.

Recent and ongoing work of the Greater Nashua Regional Coordination Council includes:
  • NRPC continues to serve as the lead agency for Nashua RCC in securing federal funding through the NH Department of Transportation.
  • RCC7 continues to support the Souhegan Valley Transportation Collaborative (SVTC) in their request for 5310 Purchase of Services and Formula funds. SVTC uses these funds to purchase demand response paratransit service from the Nashua Transit System (NTS) and provide mobility management and planning assistance to its passengers and member communities
  • Informal coordination of services continues between council members and with area human service providers
  • The Locally Coordinated Transportation Plan was updated in 2020. The goal was to identify where progress had been made and adjust goals and objectives to reflect current conditions and anticipated funding levels. 
  • RCC7 continues to monitor statewide activities through regular attendance at SCC meetings.

RCC7 Members
The Nashua Regional Planning Commission provides administrative and staffing support to the Regional Coordinating Council whose membership is also represented by the following organizations (this list is not all-inclusive):