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Hudson began the process of updating the 2006 Master Plan in the fall of 2019. Though a preliminary draft was completed, outreach efforts ceased in spring of 2020 due to the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The town is now resuming work on the Master Plan update. The 2020 Draft Master Plan contained a series of goals, conclusions and recommendations derived from a comprehensive survey, public input sessions, and information obtained from a wide variety of sources. An updated survey was conducted in the summer of 2022. Click below to view the results. 

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Public Input sessions were held to ensure that Hudson's Master Plan reflects the collective vision of the town. The Master Plan is important for the town in guiding future development. These sessions allowed participants to take a deeper dive into key issues identified in the recent Master Plan survey. A virtual session was held on 10/13 and an in-person session was held on 10/15. Thank you to all that participated!

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 In-person session - October 15, 2022

The Town of Hudson, with assistance from the Nashua Regional Planning Commission (NRPC), is currently developing a new Master Plan to guide future development within the town. The purpose of the Master Plan, as described in NH RSA 674:2, is to define the most appropriate future development scenario for the town and provide a guide to the Planning Board in designing Zoning Ordinances, Site Plan Regulations, Subdivision Regulations and other local land use controls to implement the goals of the community. Hudson's Master Plan will include the following sections: Vision & Goals, Population & Housing, Natural Resources, Economic Development, Transportation, Existing Land Use, Historic Resources, Community Facilities and Future Land Use.

To ensure that the Master Plan reflects the collective vision of the town, an on-line survey was conducted during the fall of 2019,  followed by a series of public input sessions. This project site is designed to provide an opportunity to share Master Plan related information, documents and materials with the people of the town and to provide an opportunity for continued public engagement throughout the planning process. We encourage all members of the Hudson community to continue to participate in the master planning process. Thank you for your continued intertest and participation.

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2020 Master Plan - DRAFT Chapters
Chapter I - Community Vision & Goals 2020
Chapter II - Population & Housing 2020
Chapter III - Natural Resources 2020
Chapter IV - Economic Development 2020
Chapter V - Transportation 2020
Chapter VI - Existing Land 2020
Chapter VII - Historic Resources 2020
Chapter VIII - Community Facilities 2020


October 30, 2019 Public Input Session