In the NRPC region, both the Lower Merrimack River and the Souhegan River have been designated as protected rivers due to their outstanding natural and cultural resources.   Under RSA 483 Local River Management Advisory Committees are appointed for each designated river or segment. Regular activities of SoRLAC include reviewing development applications along the Corridor and involvement in the Souhegan River Water Quality Program each summer.

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With the assistance of NRPC, SoRLAC received grant funds from NH DES to develop the Souhegan River Watershed Management Plan. SoRLAC, NRPC, and the Souhegan Watershed Association worked closely with local communities to develop a Management Plan that provides comprehensive actions for the restoration, management and protection of the Souhegan River Watershed that are consistent with each community's goals.

On April 1, 2008 the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services approved the establishment of protected instream flows for the Souhegan Designated River. The Souhegan River Instream Flow project is the first study to recommend protected instream flow values under the Rivers Management and Protection Act.

The Souhegan Designated River comprises 32 miles beginning in New Ipswich and continuing to the confluence with the Merrimack River in Merrimack. These protected instream flows apply to the Souhegan Designated River, to water users in the watershed that are required to be registered with the state, and to dam owners in the watershed with impoundments greater than 10 acres.

The Souhegan River Protected Instream Flow Report details the methods and results used to identify the Protected Instream Flows for the Souhegan Designated River. Copies of the report are available at the public libraries in New Ipswich, Milford and Merrimack and the DES file review room in Concord. For more information please call Wayne Ives, DES Instream Flow Specialist, at 603 271-3548.

Current Members
Celeste Barr Rich Hart
Rob Clemens Peter Howd
Nelson Disco Bill Mahar
Eric Doberstein George May
Kleta Dudley Cory Ritz

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Souhegan River LAC Member Nomination Form Souhegan River Watershed Map
SoRLAC 2017 Permit Review Wish List NHDES Designated River Corridor Map
Souhegan River Fact Sheet Souhegan River Watershed Management Plan Outreach Presentation

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