NRPC Commission

The NRPC Commission consists of a voluntary board of commissioners that represent each member community. Commissioners are nominated by the planning board in their municipality and appointed by the governing body.  Each community is entitled to two commission representatives. Communities with over 10,000 in population are entitled to three representatives and communities with over 25,000 in population are entitled to four representatives. The Full Commission meets quarterly to adopt and oversee an array of planning programs provided to NRPC members. The Executive Committee, which is elected from the body of the Full Commission, meets monthly.

See Calendar for full Commission and Executive Committee schedule.

NRPC Commissioners

Town of Amherst
Jason Hennessey
Will Ludt 
Danielle Pray

Town of Brookline
Tamara Sorell

Town of Hollis
Robert Larmouth
Venu Rao

Town of Hudson
James Battis - Treasurer
Dillon Dumont
Kara Roy

Town of Litchfield
Ralph Boehm
Michael Croteau (alt.)
Kim Queenan - Vice-Chair

Town of Lyndeborough
Charlie Post
Burton Reynolds

Town of Mason

Charles Moser

Town of Merrimack
Karin Elmer
Tom Koenig
Timothy Tenhave - Chair

Town of Milford
Chris Costantino
Janet Langdell

Town of Mont Vernon
Tim Berry
Mike Fimbel (alt)

City of Nashua
Bob Bollinger
Camille Correa
Thomas Lopez
Melbourne Moran, Jr.
Michael B. O'Brien, Sr. (alt)
Gloria Timmons

Town of Pelham 
Jaie Bergeron
Jeff Gowan
David Hennessey

Town of Wilton
Peter Howd
Kermit Williams

Other Representatives
Camille Correa (Nashua Transit System)
Leigh Levine (Federal Highway Administration)
William Rose (NH Dept. of Transportation)
Leah Sirmin (Federal Transit Administration)
Timothy White (NH Dept. of Environmental Services)