Highlighted Projects

Amherst Village Strategic Plan

The Amherst Village Strategic Planning process builds upon the efforts of the Board of Selectmen to do strategic planning across town departments. This effort aimed at inviting other boards, commissions, committees as well as residents to help shape the future of Amherst. There were many separate conversations about various aspects of the Village, which is a prized and valuable resource for everyone in town. The town addressed these topics in an integrated fashion, as a change in one aspect of the Village could have major implication for others. NRPC staff assisted project committees with outreach efforts including the development of a Visual Preference Survey which helped to guide development by identifying the amenities and features they would like to see in the future.  It allows community members to voice their preferences about the features depicted in the images. Over 400 survey responses were received and a number of smaller input events were held. The input was analyzed to identify the most pressing issues facing Amherst Village and prioritize strategies to address them. 

Tree Streets Place Map

The City of Nashua Division of Public Health, through the actions of its obesity working group, wished to promote physical activity through the creation of a map that publicizes the locations of recreational opportunities in the downtown area.  The map is geared towards a pedestrian audience and endorses walking as the primary mechanism to navigate points on the map. The placemat style emphasizes visually dense, colorful graphics in order to appeal to a wide audience during events such as National Public Health Week and the Nashua Mayor's annual Walk-A-Mile event.


West Elm Street, Milford, Gateway District Design Guidelines

The goal of these design guidelines is to preserve Milford’s community character and encourage appropriate economic development, while promoting the context-appropriate appearance of coordinated mixed-use, commercial and industrial style development along the West Elm Street Gateway and the surrounding areas. 

The Overlay District includes the intersection of routes 101 and 101A, which are key east-west corridors for the greater region. This intersection is supported by a variety of mixed uses including commercial, small and large scale industrial development as well as a business park.  In addition, this area has pristine views of agricultural lands, the Souhegan River, Dram Cup Hill and Pack Monadanock, which need to be preserved and enhanced as new development occurs.

Merrimack Town Center Master Plan

The Town of Merrimack has done a considerable amount of planning for the future of its town center. The Merrimack Town Center Pedestrian and Trail Master Plan recommends that the town take specific actions to achieve a unified and well developed town center. The plan addresses sidewalks, trails, safety, design and parking; all critical elements of a successful town center that is also a safe and inviting place for town residents and visitors to patronize local businesses and key destinations.

Brookline Master Plan Update

The Nashua Regional Planning Commission updated Brookline’s Master Plan, which is a guide for the Town to grow while maintaining the small town atmosphere and quality of life that is so important to residents. NRPC facilitated a Community Forum and distributed a Master Plan Survey to allow residents the opportunity to voice their opinion on the future goals and plans for the Town.  Through the updating process, NPRC met monthly with the Planning Board and Master Plan Steering Committee to review the document for accuracy and consistency with the community values identified by community stakeholders.  A particularly effective work product is the Brookline Master Plan Summary, a digestible and appealing introduction to the Master Planning process and its key findings.