GIS & Mapping Services

With expertise that spans the entire GIS lifecycle from planning to data development to applications, the NRPC GIS Group is committed to helping our communities and their stakeholders succeed with GIS.  Come talk to us about your GIS data, hardware, software, and training needs.


Needs Assessment

Work with us and demystify GIS. We'll assess your needs, articulate use cases, and quantify your potential returns-on-investment. We'll put you on the path to implementation success.


Custom Mapping and Analysis

NRPC GIS maps and analyses support numerous local government functions, and we are proud to provide these examples. Our projects are distinguished by careful planning, thoughtful design, and attention to detail.


Tax Mapping

NRPC maintains up-to-date, comprehensive parcel data for each of our thirteen member-communities. GIS parcels are cost-effective way to create high quality tax maps. Eight towns within the region take advantage of this and contract with NRPC to create tax maps. View tax maps for Lyndeborough, Mont Vernon, Amherst, Wilton, Hollis, Litchfield, Hudson, and Pelham  here.


GIS and GPS Technical Support

Get from Point A to B faster and with less aggravation! Give us a call when you are stuck. We know ESRI Desktop and Google GIS up and down, inside and out. We’ll troubleshoot your issue and solve it immediately or help you escalate it though vendor support to resolution.

Do you have a GPS project? We'll set up your data dictionaries, gauge the quality of field data collection, wrangle your data off your unit, and transform it into a format you can use.



The U.S. Census is evolving, and so is the expertise needed to use its products effectively. The geographic scale, quality, and vintage of available data is highly variable, and the Census databases themselves can be complex.

As a New Hampshire State Data Center program affiliate, NRPC provides census and demographic-related local assistance and services! NRPC houses datasets from the Decennial Census and the American Community Survey at various geographic levels. Our relationships with the Data Center and its affiliates allow us access to training and additional specialized data products. If you need data, a map, or help navigating the Census website, give us a call.


Sara Siskavich, Assistant Director - GIS/IT Programs 
417-6570 x6574


Work Examples


Merrimack Village District GIS Assessment


NRPC Maps Support Local Government


NRPC's Tax Maps Page



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