About the Nashua Regional Solid Waste Management District (NRSWMD)

NRPC_webmap_HazardousWaste.pngNashua Regional Solid Waste Management District


 Community Representatives 

Amherst - Eric Hahn

Milford - Tammy Scott

Brookline - Jim Solinas, Tad Putney (alt)

Mont Vernon - Michael Fimbel

Hollis - Joan Cudworth

Nashua - Sally Hyland

Hudson - Jess Forence

Pelham - Rhonda Martin, Frank Ferreira (alt)

Litchfield - Troy Brown

Windham - Dennis Senibaldi

Merrimack - Kris Perreault


The Nashua Regional Solid Waste Management District (NRSWMD) in conjunction with the NRPC has been sponsoring household hazardous waste collection events to its member community residents since the mid 1980s.

The District's program objectives include:
• Provide convenient options for residents to safely and properly dispose of HHW.
• Utilize Contractor services in the most cost-effective manner possible.
• Maximize first-time participants and minimize repeat participants through education efforts.
• Accept a wide array of HHW while encouraging alternative disposal methods for universal wastes.
• Discourage actions that lead to unsafe disposal of HHW.