Management Team

NRPC is staffed by a highly qualified team that combines the experience of professional planners with expertise in transportation, land use planning, GIS and mapping, energy and environmental issues, and architecture,providing the skills necessary to approach a project with a broad lens and comprehensive results. 


As Executive Director, Jay Minkarah oversees the Commission's day-to-day operations and all long-term projects and programs, including financial and personnel management and grant applications. He works closely with the Commission's Executive Committee and Board of Commissioners to craft long-term strategic plans for the Commission and assess performance measures. Mr. Minkarah also serves as the primary public representative of the Commission at various conferences, meetings, forums, and events.

Minkarah started his career as an NRPC Regional Planner and was with the organization for approximately 8 years. Minkarah previously served as the Community Development Director for the Town of Merrimack, Economic Development Director for the City of Nashua’s Community Development Division, and the Economic Director for the City of Manchester. Most recently, Minkarah has served as the President and CEO of DevelopSpringfield, the private non-profit development partner for the City of Springfield, MA.

Jay earned a Bachelor of Science in Urban Planning from the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jay subsequently earned a Juris Doctor from The University of New Hampshire School of Law (formerly Franklin Pierce Law Center) in Concord, NH.


Camille Pattison, Assistant Director, oversees the direction of NRPC’s Land Use team, as well as provides supervisory, contractual, budgeting, and advanced project management duties as needed to support the day-to-day administration of the Commission.  She brings expertise in both land use and transportation planning, organizational management, as well as transit and grant administration.

Ms. Pattison began her career in long range planning for Snohomish County in Washington State.  Transitioning back to the east coast, she then worked for the Town of Westford, MA and the Nashua Regional Planning Commission for 13 years, before overseeing the Nashua Transit System as the City of Nashua’s Transit Administrator.  In 2021, she returned to NRPC to manage the Covid-19 Economic Recovery Plan.  Ms. Pattison earned a Bachelor of Arts in Planning and Environmental Policy, with a minor in Geography from Western Washington University and maintains professional AICP certification.


Sara Siskavich, GIS Manager, oversees the direction of NRPC’s technology initiatives. Ms. Siskavich has worked in the GIS field since 2001 and has managed the NRPC GIS Program since 2012.  Formerly, she was the Manager of GIS and CAD at Unitil Service Corp in Hampton, NH and has also held GIS positions in consulting and state government.  Her professional interests include enterprise system implementations, database technology, and collaborative technologies to facilitate information sharing within and across organizations. 

Ms. Siskavich earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, magna cum laude, and a Master of Arts in Geography, both from Boston University, and maintains professional GIS certification.  Ms. Siskavich holds a voting seat on the NH Statewide GIS Committee and is active in its technical subcommittee.


Gregg Lantos, Principal Transportation Planner/MPO Coordinator with the NRPC since December, 2017 is responsible for the development and oversight of the transportation Unified Planning Work Program. Key elements include development of the long-range, fiscally-constrained Metropolitan Transportation Plan, the four-year programming of projects in the Transportation Improvement Program, highway corridor studies, transit studies, data collection/analysis, travel demand modeling and facilitating the public participation process.

Gregg previously served as Senior Transportation Planner with NRPC from 1988 through 1999. During that period he was responsible for the modeling and analysis of major highway projects being planned, including the Circumferential Highway and NH 101A Bypass. He also conducted the original Nashua Passenger Rail Feasibility Study and a Nashua Transit Evaluation Study. Between 1999 and 2017 he was Chief Transportation Planner with the Central Transportation Planning Staff of the Boston MPO, specializing in transportation model development and analysis of project impacts.

Gregg earned an M.S. in Economics from the University of New Hampshire, specializing in econometric analysis. Subsequently, he was employed by the N.J. Department of Transportation, the Northern Middlesex Area Commission, SG Associates in Boston and the Upper Valley-Lake Sunapee Council in transportation planning and analysis positions prior to joining NRPC for his first stint in 1988.


Jay Minkarah
Executive Director
(603) 417-6570 x6564

Camille Pattison, AICP
Assistant Director
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Sara Siskavich
GIS Manager  
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Gregg Lantos
Principal Transportation Planner/MPO Coordinator
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