Executive Committee Meeting

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Date February 19, 2020
Time 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
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Event Description

(Agenda Items 2.a-d - Action Required)

Executive Committee Agenda Packet 

101A Project Map.pdf


Redline Operating Policy (Agenda Item 2.e - Action Required)

Audit RFP (Agenda Item 2.f - Action Required)

DRAFT Nashua Federal Certification Report2.pdf (Agenda Item 2.g)


(Agenda Item 3.c):

Articles of Agreement - NRPC Foundation.pdf

Bylaws - Nashua Regional Planning Commission Foundation.pdf


Audit Documents (informational only)

NRPC FS19 - Final.pdf

NRPC SAR19 - Final.pdf

NRPC GL19 - Final.pdf


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